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💡7 Best Practices and Tips to Effective Email Management💡

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February 27, 20234 min read

💡7 Best Practices and Tips to Effective Email Management💡

📧 Email is unavoidable as the primary means of communication, particularly in our professional lives. Despite our best efforts to get rid of our inbox, email has proven that it is here to stay.

📧 Effective email management necessitates actively taking control of your inbox. This will necessitate the addition of email software as well as a few general guidelines for the most efficient handling of email communications.

👉🏻 Delete sales promotion messages

Before you can manage your inbox effectively, you must prioritize and delete unwanted messages. Sales promotions should be the first to go, and dragging them into the Promotional tab is ineffective. The goal is to have an organized inbox that only contains content relevant to your work goals. Most sales messages are distracting and divert your attention away from your priorities. Some emails may contain spam or be sent from insecure email addresses. Protecting yourself against this helps you avoid identity theft, data breaches, and the disclosure of your contact information.

👉🏻 Unsubscribe from newsletters that you rarely read

If you're a regular newsletter subscriber, here's another chance to clean up your inbox. You may be tempted to create labels and filters that will process them for you, but save those strategies for emails that add value to your personal and professional life.

If you haven't read the previous two editions of that newsletter, you're probably not getting anything out of it, so consider unsubscribing. If you can't bear the thought of unsubscribing, most newsletters will let you reduce the frequency with which they send you emails.

👉🏻 Request removal from group messages that don’t pertain to you

You may have joined various groups that were relevant to you at the time, similar to newsletters. Examine the value they provide and whether or not it is relevant to your current goals and interests.

Emails from personal contacts with random topics or simply removing yourself from those dreadfully long "reply all" threads are examples of group messages. Because you can't simply 'unsubscribe' or 'block' your friends and colleagues, a little diplomacy will go a long way. Gmail has a "mute" button, but you'll have to make your intentions known to everyone else.

A brief message informing them that you are no longer relevant to the conversation will allow you to exit gracefully and move one step closer to an effectively managed email strategy.

👉🏻 Create labels for similar types of emails

Now that you've eliminated the unnecessary emails, it's time to organize the ones you want, and labels are a great way to do so.

Labels can be used to create a personalized folder system in your inbox. You can label them by category, client, project, or whatever you want. This granular organization of your inbox creates a system in which your conversations have a designated location, making them easy to find and process.

👉🏻 Respond to business emails within a 24-48 hour time frame

Business-related emails, in general, should be responded to the same business day. According to studies, taking more than 48 hours to respond to an email will result in the loss of potential customers and their dissatisfaction.

According to a survey conducted by Fast Company on email response times, more than 70% of people expect a response time within four hours.

👉🏻 Follow-up on important emails within 3-5 business days

We all deal with a variety of tasks in addition to a large volume of daily emails, but it is critical to prioritize emails that cannot be ignored. Whether you're waiting for a recruiter's response, an external stakeholder confirmation, or a customer decision, 3-5 business days should be your standard time frame for sending a follow-up email.

There may be times when a few follow-ups are required. Don't forget to leave a day or two between each follow-up email to avoid appearing desperate.

👉🏻 Have a set signature on your emails

Taking the time to structure your email strategy ahead of time can save you time and improve your efficiency. Surprisingly, email signatures are not as widely used as they should be. By eliminating the guesswork of typing your name, title, and company information, you will be able to focus on drafting and sending effective emails much more quickly.

📧 Managing your inbox effectively can help you become more efficient overall. With the email management tips and software discussed in this article, you are well on your way to taming and befriending your inbox. 

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